Picture this: it’s sweater weather, and you’re bundled up in cozy socks and soft sweaters. Would you imagine right now to be the perfect time of year to get laser hair removal? After all, it is the season to put shaving on the back burner. However, winter is the best time to get laser hair removal, and here’s why.

When is the best time to get Laser Hair Removal? Why?

Our Answer: ❄️ Winter ❄️

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✅ Say no to tanning

Laser hair removal works best on untanned skin, meaning that if you hit the tanning booth or lay out in the sun often, it may take a few extra treatments to achieve your desired results.

With increased sensitivity and potential redness following treatment, it’s important to avoid tanning, which can irritate the skin further, before your laser hair removal. This is why we believe winter is the best time for laser hair removal.


✅ Avoid waxing and plucking

Around six weeks before your treatment, you’ll be asked to avoid waxing and plucking. This is especially convenient during the winter months.

Those who are tired of the frequent upkeep with waxing will enjoy the painless laser hair removal treatment.


✅ Hide any skin irritation

Laser Hair Removal may cause redness, small bumps, and general skin irritation or discomfort following treatment. This discomfort should only be in the lasered area and is temporary. It should go away on its own after a few hours or maybe a few days.

Winter is an excellent time to get laser hair removal because any redness or irritation can be covered up with warm winter clothes.


✅ Works better on darker hair

Laser hair removal is most effective when done on dark hair. This is because the laser targets the pigment in your hair follicles. The more pigment there is, the more effective the treatment. Sun can bleach your hair, causing it to appear lighter. Getting laser hair removal done in the winter allows the treatment to work best since your hair will be at its darkest.


✅ Say goodbye to shaving

Sick of shaving in the winter? Say goodbye to shaving and hello to smooth, soft skin. Getting laser hair removal done during winter months allows you to avoid shaving for a few weeks to get the treatment.


✅ Give yourself enough time

Treatments consist of a few sessions weeks apart, meaning that if you have a big vacation or trip planned for the spring or summer, it’s important to plan now.


abington center medi spa laser hair removal scranton pa

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Scranton, PA

Abington Center Medi Spa provides laser hair removal treatment in Scranton, PA. We’re ready to help you get your body summer ready, and with multiple products to choose from, you’re guaranteed to fall back in love with your body. Enjoy the convenience of no shaving and waxing, and fill out our contact form for a free laser hair removal consultation today!