As we age, we start to notice fine lines forming around our eyes, mouth, forehead, neck, and other body areas. These changes can begin in your 20s and onward and depend on factors like genetics, lifestyle, and age.

So, what really causes wrinkles?

This is the truth about facial lines and how to get rid of them for good.

What Causes Wrinkles on Your Face?


As we age, our skin produces less collagen, the key ingredient to healthy, youthful-looking skin. This causes a loss of elasticity, making for a thinner face shape. You may notice your skin no longer looks as plump as it once did.

Over time, the lack of fat or “plump” appearance of your face will make way for facial lines or wrinkles. This is a part of the natural aging process.


Studies show that among different ethnic groups and sex, genetics play a different weighted factor in the cause of wrinkles and skin aging. The research concludes that genetics and sex (male, female, etc.) play a major, if not one of the largest, role in our skin’s health. Further discovery of the connection between genetics and wrinkles can lead to major breakthroughs in dermatology.


Part of what keeps our skin looking youthful and hydrated is the amount of moisture in our skin and how hydrated we are. Studies suggest that those who live in drier climates may be more prone to wrinkles.

Sperling’s BestPlaces and RoC® Skincare conducted a meta-analysis comparing lifestyle, occupational, and environmental factors to determine what zip codes are the most “wrinkle-prone regions.” You might wonder, what 5 cities made the top?

  1. Riverside, California

  2. New York, New York

  3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  4. Atlanta, Georgia

  5. Baltimore, Maryland

Colder climates generally lead to dry air, making for dry skin.

Looking to pack your bags now? Don’t worry; just think smart skincare. Nourish and moisturize your skin, and you might just beat the breeze!

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices make up a large portion of your statistical likelihood of wrinkles.
Things like…

  • Smoking

  • Substance abuse (i.e., alcohol, drugs)

  • Excessive tanning/exposure to UV light

  • How hard you wash your face/rub your face

  • Stress

  • Medications

can all lead to unwanted facial lines. Take charge of your skin health today, and take the next step towards cutting out lifestyle choices that don’t serve your skin.

Gravity & Weight

Parallel to age, gravity plays a major role in wrinkles. Over the years, the gravitational pull has caused our skin to sag. Additionally, weight is what causes gravity to affect us, or the amount of force gravity pushes on us equals our weight.

Can You Permanently Remove Wrinkles?

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Since your skin is always reproducing new cells, aging, and being exposed to environmental and genetic factors, there is no way to permanently remove wrinkles.

However, you can take steps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and prevent excessive facial lines from things like smoking.

Treatments such as…

can remove wrinkles in as fast as one session. Depending on your treatment goals, your injectables professional will help you decide on how many sessions, how much product, and what steps you should take to prevent further facial lines.

Cosmetic medical spa treatments like botox and dermal fillers do not last forever. You will need to go back for further treatments to beat the clock and prevent lines from showing back up.

Remove Wrinkles Overnight – Abington Center Medi Spa, Scranton, PA

Say Goodbye To Facial Lines

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Abington Center Medi Spa is a medical spa in Clarks Summit, PA, near Scranton, that offers the highest quality injectables such as botox, microneedling, laser genesis, and dermal fillers in a comforting environment. Say goodbye to wrinkles today, and contact us to schedule your free consultation.